• Use Money Instead of Cheap Poker Chips

    If you are planning to buy a set of cheap poker chips for your regular poker home games, why not use pennies instead? These are good chip substitutes that you and your poker buddies can use to represent dollar stakes in your beer cracking home games. You won't have to spend any money for these markers. You can find them lying everywhere around your house. You'd find a treasure trove of them inside desk drawers, kitchen jars and canisters and even inside your car's glove compartment. If not, you could ask your bank to break a few of your dollars into pennies. Unlike cheap poker chips, pennies are virtually indestructible and are guaranteed to withstand the toughest of your game nights. Good buddies won't risk breaking a good friendship by sneaking in a couple of pennies just to cheat in a friendly low stakes home game would they? So there's no need to worry about that.

    The use of money as a chip substitute, which is the reverse of the traditional use of chips as a money substitute is only suggested if you are contemplating to buy yourself a set of cheap poker chips for use in your home games. Cheap poker chips are made of plastic that easily break and won't stack well on your gaming table because they warp over time. Poker is serious business regardless of whether it is played in a plush casino or in a home game. It is an elegant game with a long colorful history that reaches back to several centuries in the past. It has been played by kings and noble men in royal courts. Good poker enthusiasts are aware of the rich tradition and history of their passion. That is why there should be class and elegance when playing a poker game even among friends out for action, bonding and camaraderie.

    When you invite your friends to come over to your home for a good friendly game of poker, guess what happens when you open your case and spill out a bunch of cheap plastic on the table? It will cheapen the game and may well give them the feeling of playing some kid's game like monopoly. Using cheap poker chips in an elegant game in your home would reflect on your own taste and personality. There is not much sense throwing away good money to purchase cheap poker chips that would detract from the elegance of poker, your image and your home. Why not use real money instead? Use pennies!