• Poker Player's Lucky Charm

    A lot of poker gamblers nowadays are highly superstitious, to some degree and luck, it greatly influence their way of playing the game. Poker players know very well that luck may play a little part in the game but it is really not a guarantee that you win the game. It is more of skills. However, let us admit the fact that putting a rabbit's foot into your pocket won't kill you right? Superstitions lie deeply in the subconscious mind of the players and most often, players do allow this superstitions to interfere them. They feel that these things may really bring good luck.

    For instance, a player who is on his to way to casino and see someone dropped a coin. If the coin is facing down, the player will not pick it up and would leave it that way for it is a sign of bad luck. However, if then the coin appears to be facing up, the player would immediately pick it up, put it in his pocket for it is believed to bring good luck.

    Funny as this may seem, a lot a gamblers never leave their home without having a photograph of any of their loved ones. The rationale for this quite unclear but just like any other superstitions, it is though to bring luck.

    Most American-African players are familiar with the mojo, which is a flannel bags that contains one or more lucky objects. The color of the bag represents its intention. Say for example, a green is believed to be a money mojo, this one is most common when a player is joining a poker tournament.

    Many women poker gamblers place the money mojo under their clothes for them to be lucky in the game. Men on the other hand would likely carry the mojo in their pockets, may it be their jacket or their pants. It is said that the mojo must be carried at all times for it to be effective.

    Some lucky items that are placed inside the mojo includes, a root from an orchid, an magnetic ore which is commonly known as the lodestone, and a silver mercury. The ore is specifically considered as a powerful force which attracts good luck. A lot of gamblers value this item because of its amazing drawing power.

    Herbs and charms also have its own capabilities of bringing good luck at a poker table. For example, a player who carries a special charm, a jewelry or an amulet would most likely to have a good night at a poker table. When this happens, the player will not play the game without the said lucky charm.