• Guide When Entering Poker Rooms

    First let us rid the archaic picture of a poker room: smoke-filled, bearded men, tattered cards and poor lighting. The poker boom is once upon us and poker must present a pleasant face.

    Poker rooms are usually non-smoking. One does not need to hold one's breath while playing. Some casinos such as the Palms and Sahara allow smoking from midnight until eight in the morning. The cards are of the best quality and the chips wonderfully crafted too.

    With the limelight again on Poker rooms are sprouting up in all the casinos. Seven years ago finding a comfortable room was like digging for gold. They were hard to find but, not anymore.

    On a Tuesday morning after breakfast if one goes hunting for a poker room, one will find them with plenty of seats to spare. Check that room back on a Friday night and it will be crowded. Timing is crucial if one wants a seat in a poker room.

    If one is an amateur one may drag a friend to play even on a Tuesday morning. If one is interested in strange players for a try come early on that Friday night to grab a seat and have a time of your life.

    Lets say for example one went to that poker room on a Friday night. Upon entering the room one will find a podium with a properly dressed man or woman. If there is no one stationed at the podium wait until someone arrives, they are sure to come. If you check with an employee they will most likely request you wait to see the person at podium when one arrives.

    The person at the podium will put you on the waiting list if the table you desire is full. If there are vacant seats you will be directed to it. It is a Friday, remember, long lines and await you so you should not be a surprised if it is crowded especially since poker is so hot now.

    When you get in your seat don't post for the blind it you are not asked. If it's your turn, the dealer will make you aware of it. When handing over your chips push it far in front of you so that the dealer can reach them. Do not throw it into the pot, it will make other player furious and they will likely think of you as a newcomer.

    Don't let 5 minutes pass in deciding if you will call the bet or raise. Other players get touchy when it is 15-20 seconds past your turn and you have not decided yet. If you need to think say, 'time'. In that way they know you are thinking and not dozing off to sleep with your eyes open. Don't call or place a bet out of turn it could cause serious consequences.

    During a win, tip the dealer and the waiters or waitress. Observe how other people do it and follow their lead. If you are not sure, there is no harm in asking.

    With all these pointers hopefully they will calm one down when getting inside a poker room. Remember that there is always a first time for everything.