• Bluffing in No Limit Tournaments

    One of the things that distinguishes a winning No Limit player from the average ones is that the former knows when to deviate from the "traditional" way of playing, if that is what it takes to win and this applies to bluffing. Although not used much in tournament play, it does have its place.

    The reason why bluffing in a Poker game is important is that by only playing and wagering with strong hands, your method will eventually be read by your opponents as effectively as any tell. For this reason, bluffing can be an important tool in a No Limit tournament match.

    However, for bluffing to be an effective No Limit strategy, several factors have to be considered. You cannot attempt it with garbage hands, and should have some considerable value. The ideal hands for bluffing would be those that, even if called, will give you a chance to form another combination.

    For instance, holding a Q10h and the flop gives you two more hearts, or flopping an open ended straight. With these hands, you can feel more confident about bluffing because you have other outs. Also, holding an Ace paired with any hand is also a good candidate for bluffing.

    As in cash games, the players on the table will determine the success rate of any attempted bluff. If it is filled with loose players or calling stations, then you should forget about it, as they will always call you down. In this case, playing against good or tight players is preferable.

    Also, your position on the No Limit table is very important, and the later you are, the better; if the other players before you check, then you should try it. Another important point to consider is that it should be tried at the later tables for two reasons.

    One is that the fish and loose cannons would have disappeared, and second, you will have acquired a reputation for playing only with solid No Limit hands.

    This will help strengthen the credibility of your bluffs. Of course, you could get caught, and in those instances, your No Limit strategy would be to check the turn, and if it is favorable, you can bet or even raise.

    Bluffing in a No Limit tournament is something that a lot of players are afraid of doing. Yet the fact is that it can be quite efficient, and because people do not expect it, it can spell the difference in the game.

    If you are able to find the circumstances on the late tables, your chances of winning with the aid of the flop is very good.