• Be Creative! Make your own Poker Face

    In numerous scenes in the latest remake of Casino Royale, Le Chiffre and James Bond square off on the poker table to win the prize and other much higher stakes. What made that game interesting is the growing tension between Bond and Le Chiffre. While 007 tries his darn best to interpret Le Chiffre's poker face, Bond also attempts his own bluffs and moves, fails spectacularly at first but as the film's protagonist, finally won the game in a stunning fashion.

    Anyone who enjoys playing poker can benefit from their styles or poker faces. Unfortunately, not everyone can start shedding bloody tears. And sporting a blank poker face is so boring. If Le Chiffre can weep blood, it would certainly be fun to start being creative. Here are a few suggestions:

    The Rabbit Nose Those with allergic rhinitis will certainly benefit from this poker face style. Allergic rhinitis is a runny nose due to an allergy, usually dust. So how does one do it? When attempting a poker face, simply twitch the nose up and down as if relieving an itch. Avoid using a finger as if scratching the nose.

    The Tic Tics are tiny involuntary movements or sounds and are quite common. In Casino Royale, Le Chiffre's arsenal of poker faces includes twitching his eyelids. Although tics are unintentional, with practice these can be done as if they are natural. The lips are good alternatives while moving the ears will certainly require practice. A poker face using twitching ears can certainly attract your opponent's attention!

    The Cough Coughing is a natural reflex. While most poker games demand silence, using a cough as a poker face can probably help you win games or get expelled. It wouldn't hurt to try though. The best poker face style is to cough just once, attempt to expel a lot of sputum as if they are stuck on the back of the throat and then swallow! It is certainly distracting and effectively gross.

    The Grunt It is a poker face style similar to the cough except that this is more effective for people with runny noses. Just make a tiny grunt to shake that snot inside your nose and swallow. This poker face increases its style and gross points when snot is actually running down your face.

    These poker face styles range from the innocent to the increasingly gross. The most important is to impress your friends and distract your opponents. These poker faces would certainly make your game more interesting and fun. Try one or make one!